DEWINNER Water-Proof Pinpointer

The DEWINNER Water-Proof pinpoint metal detector is designed specifically for treasure hunters who want to improve their ability to find small objects on a budget. It detects all metals, including iron, foil, nickel, aluminum, zinc, silver, and gold. It is fully waterproof and can function in both fresh and saltwater. The low cost makes it a nice choice for beginners or budget-conscious treasure hunters.


  • Small, Compact size
  • Low Cost
  • Lightweight design
  • Comes with a holster
  • Powered by one 9V alkaline battery (NOT INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE). stronger.
  • Variable vibration sensor – changes vibration level and sound the closer you get to the metal object.
DEWINNER Waterproof Pinpointer

Ave. Rating 4.4

Price Range
$19 - $22