Fisher F11 Review

One of the best models of the Fisher F series, the Fisher F11 is a great option for any beginner because of its durability and lightweight.

The model offers many excellent features, including. 

  • 2.3lbs 
  • Visual target ID
  • 6 adjustable sensitivities 
  • 3 search modes

The Fisher F11 has three modes that allow discrimination between coins, relics, and jewelry that you can identify with its 4-tone audio easily. Additionally, it’s portable and extremely lightweight, so you can enjoy a long hunt without tiring out.

However, the problem is the search coils are a little small. 

The 7-inch coils after a decent depth, but if they had been larger, you could search for items deeper in the ground. 

Other than that, they also aren’t waterproof, so you can’t hunt in shallow waters. However, despite that, this metal detector is a pretty great deal.

Fisher F22 Metal Detector

Ave. Rating 4.5

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