Fisher F22 Review

Fisher is by far one of the best brands out there for metal detectors. It’s right up there with Garrett in terms of quality and performance. The F series especially is great for beginners. Let’s look into some of the features of the F22.

  • 3lbs
  • Ten sensitivity levels
  • Three search modes
  • 9-inch search coil
  • Notch discrimination

The Fisher F22 has a 9-inch search coil so that it can search much deeper for relics.

Simultaneously, the sensitivity levels make it a good detector for smaller items as well. The VLF (very low frequency) does mean there will be more interference than PI (pulse induction), but it’s good enough for a beginner.

It’s also relatively lighter than other detectors, so your child won’t tire out. Furthermore, the notch discrimination will allow them to ignore scrap metal and iron nails easily.

Fisher F22 Metal Detector

Ave. Rating 4.6

Price Range
$229 - $294