Fisher Gold Bug

The Fisher Gold Bug is one of the most popular metal detectors for gold on the market. It provides outstanding sensitivity at a reasonable price and is the go-to detector for many metal detecting enthusiasts. It offers the following features.

  • 71kHz VLF
  • 3lbs
  • Audio target ID
  • Three mineralization settings

With a whopping 71 kHz, the Gold Bug 2 is by far the best model for hunting the tiniest of gold flakes. It weighs around 3lbs, which is light enough for you to spend a significant time on the hunt before tiring out.

Apart from that, the Fisher doesn’t have a digital display. However, most intermediate detectorists don’t mind audio target ID. It may take some getting used to if you’re a beginner, though. 

One drawback, however, is the VLF instead of PI frequency. Despite the manual ground balance, you might still struggle with the Gold Bug on highly mineralized fields. Other than that, this model is great for gold prospecting.

Fisher Gold Bug

Ave. Rating 4.6

Price Range
$450 - $650