Garrett Ace 200 Review

Garrett and Fisher are two of the best brands for metal detectors, as we’ve already mentioned above. The Garrett Ace covers a variety of models for beginners and pros alike. We’ll be focusing on the Garrett Ace 200, which comes with these features.

  • 2.75lbs
  • Digital target ID
  • Three search modes
  • Four sensitivity options
  • 6.5kHz

The Garrett Ace 200 comes with three search modes that kids can use to focus on specific items like coins or relics. The 6.5kHz frequency makes it especially suitable for coin shooting. Furthermore, the model also has a depth indicator that shows how deep down an item is.

The waterproof search coil makes this detector suitable for shallow water hunts. However, the control box isn’t waterproof, so be sure your child is careful during water hunts.

The Garrett Ace is similar to the Fisher F22 in many ways, except for its weaker sensitivity and discrimination. On the plus side, it’s much cheaper than Fisher.

garrett ace 200 metal detector

Ave. Rating 4.4

Price Range
$169 - $205