Garrett Ace 400 Review

The Ace 400 is a solid beginning detector. It has easy-to-understand controls and display screen. The coil makes a easier to discriminate valuable targets from junk when hunting in areas that are littered with trash, nails and other iron scrap. The coil is also waterproof which makes it handy for searching near lakes or streams or on the beach.

  • 5.04 lbs
  • Submersible Coil
  • 8.5″ x 11″ Search Coil
  • New 10 kHz Frequency
  • 5 Search Modes
  • 4 Double A Batteries (included)

The ACE 400 includes upgraded features and functions as compared to its predecessor, the ACE 300. One of these upgrades includes a higher frequency setting (10 kHz compared to 8kHz) that allows for greater acquisition sensitivity over low-medium conductivity targets like gold, lead, or other precious metals.

Garrett Ace 400

Ave. Rating 4.7

Price Range
$357 - $400