Garrett Pro-Pointer AT With Z-lynk

The Garrett Metal Detectors Pro-Pointer AT Z-Lynk provides all-terrain versatility for detecting small targets. This model is great for all environments and is fully submersible to a maximum depth of 20 feet. The updated Z-Lynk feature transmits to Garrett MS-3 headphones or Garrett Z-Lynk wireless kit. Go on adventures and find hidden treasures with this travel-sized metal detector.


  • Easy Sync – One press syncing to Garrett MS-3 headphones or wireless kit.
  • Wireless Convenience – You can hear both the detector and pointer alarms through your headphones.
  • Lost Pointer Alarm – After 5 minutes of inactivity, the device will begin to emit warning chirps for 60 minutes.
  • Auto-Off Feature – After 60 minutes of inactivity, the device will automatically power off.
  • Lanyard attachment loop- You can attach the device to your belt, digging pouch, or detector.
  • Sensitivity – It has 3 sensitivity levels that can be easily adjusted for improved detection.
  • Waterproof – It is fully waterproof up to 20 feet with orange color for added visibility underwater.
  • Fast Retune – It has a quick button press that instantly tunes out environment for precise pinpointing.
  • Ruler – There is a ruler molded into the side of the pointer to judge target depth.
  • LED Light – It has an LED light for use in low light areas.
  • Scraping Blade – It has a scraping blade to sift through the soil.
  • Battery – The 9v battery is included with the device.
Minelab Gold Monster 1000

Ave. Rating 5

Price Range
$127 - $144