Root Slayer XL Digging Shovel

The Root Slayer XL long handle shovel has a lengthened shaft to provide improved leverage and comfort for taller people. It is a garden edge shovel with an inverted V-shaped blade with root-cutting ripsaw teeth that effortlessly slices through roots and other impediments in the ground. It works great for digging finds when you are detecting in wooded or trashy areas.

XL tool with an expanded shaft composed of reinforced 13-gauge resin-encased fiberglass and non-latex handles. Durable powder-coated carbon steel blade.

The Root Slayer XL blade is approximately 10 inches by 13 inches, and the entire landscaping shovel is around 57 inches long.


  • Lightweight and strong fiberglass handle
  • V-shaped blade cuts easily through roots
  • Extended shaft for leverage
  • Durable powder-coated carbon steel blade
  • Best for use in heavy woods where leverage and cutting power are needed
DEWINNER Waterproof Pinpointer

Ave. Rating 4.8

Price Range
$39 - $50