Teknetics EuroTek PRO Review

The best thing about the Teknetics EuroTek PRO is its very light weight that allows you a whole day’s worth of hunting without straining your arm. This makes it a good option for smaller hunters, although not the only noteworthy feature. The EuroTek PRO has more up its sleeve.

  • Motion Discrimination Mode
  • 8″ Concentric Coil Finds Targets T0 8″ Deep
  • Large LCD
  • Light Weight Design – 2.4 lbs.

This metal detector is powered by a single 9v battery, making it easy to change and inexpensive to carry spare batteries. The model features a large LCD and 3-tone audio to sound for different items like coins, relics, and precious metals up to 8 inches deep.

Teknetics EuroTek Pro

Ave. Rating 3.8

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