Tesoro Compadre Review

This is a complicated choice for a children’s detector, but it still has enough good features that you can consider getting it for your child.

  • 12kHz
  • Two search modes
  • 2.2lbs
  • Built-in mineral rejection
  • 8-inch/5.75-inch search coils

The Tesoro Compadre is one of the lightest models around. Just 2.2lbs, so it won’t tire your child out. The issue is, it doesn’t have a digital display screen. This can make this detector more complicated than it actually is. In reality, all it takes is getting used to.

The lack of a screen means the Tesoro comes with plenty of pre-set features. It has built-in mineral rejection making it great for highly mineralized grounds and beach hunts.

You also get a choice between two search coils (8-inch or 5.75-inch). The smaller is more sensitive while the 8-inch gives more depth. Most importantly, the Tesoro Compadre is one of the most durable machines around, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking too soon.

Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector

Ave. Rating 4.4

Price Range
$169 - $300