Whites Goldmaster GMT

The Goldmaster GMT is a great detector to work over highly mineralized ground areas. It’s similar to the Fisher Gold Bug in many ways. Here are some more features.

  • 48kHz VLF
  • 9-inch search coil
  • Manual and auto ground balance
  • Iron target ID

The Goldmaster offers a significantly high frequency, so you can expect to find small gold flakes with relative ease. Along with that, it provides a good search depth so that you can look for larger gold nuggets deeper in the ground. 

Furthermore, the model comes with a manual and automatic ground balance allowing easy adjustments according to the soil’s state. This will help ignore false signals.

The Whites Goldmaster has an uncomplicated digital display despite its many features, making it a good beginner and intermediate model.

White's Goldmaster

Ave. Rating NA

Price Range
$700 - $900